1998 marked the debut of the magazine Terra glaciālis at selected bookshops of Northern Italy; appealing to specialists and amateurs alike, TG is the only Italian review dealing exclusively with glaciers and snow.  Complimentary copies of the magazine are distributed to 90 specialists and Agencies all over the world.


SGL archives hold 14.000 original pictures of Lombardy’s Glaciers. This digital archive represents the most important photographic on-line database for Italian glaciers. All pictures taken during the glaciological campagns since 1999 are now on-line as well as a large number of selected pictures from previous campaigns. In the past, SGL deposited a digitalized archive of Lombard Glaciers, updated until 1996, inside the information system of  the Lombard Region. Another photo-cartographic archive was prepared for the Centro Nivometeorologico of Bormio (today ARPA, Regional Agency for Environmental Protection) in 2002, with data collected during the three-year period 1999-2001.


since 1990, SGL has held over a hundred lectures on glaciological subjects for different audiences. It has produced more than 130 papers, some of which very important, such as the most recent cadastre of Alpine Glaciers.  SGL has recognized Adamello as the largest Glacier of the Italian Alps and has produced valuable studies on ice-wall dynamics, formation of wave ogives and medial moraines, classification of newly-formed pro-glacial lakes, etc.